• Powder Packing Machine

Especially suitable for packaging powder or granule


- The whole exterior part of the packaging machine is made of inox steel.

- All the mechnical detail part is made by CNC Anpha

- Yaskawa inverter, PLC control system, Screen control, the chain transmission are imported from Japan, Taiwan, German

- The electronic equipment main control follow Euro standard.

- Mechanic system is made by Anpha

- Quantitative materials by cup

- Heat roller and cutting knife made by copper

- High frequency cam system made in Alpha Company.

- Productivity: 20-80 product per  minute.

- Power: 220V/50Hz,

- Electric power consumption: 1.8 kw/h

- Weight: 400 kg

- Dimension: (700x 5000 x 1800) mm.

- Capacity: 20-50 bag/minute.

- Dimension of bag: wide: 320, length, not limit

- Film dimension: meet requirement

- All equipment is new 100%

- Origin: Anpha, viet nam


Please contact: Mr Thuan
Hand phone: 0932 617 317
Email: cokhi.anpha@gmail.com

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